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"It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change"

Leon C. Megginson




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Delegations and Innovation Programs in the Start-up Nation


Join Participants from 49 countries

Executives, investors, business owners, policy makers, entrepreneurs, faculty, students, and innovators from Fortune 500 companies, Big Tech firms, government agencies, startups, VCs, Ivy League Schools, World’s Top MBAs, and more



Go beyond your imagination

Delegations & Innovation Programs

in the Start‑Up Nation

The Start-Up Nation

against the odds

​It's no exaggeration to say that the kind of innovation going on in Israel is critical to the future of the technology business.

Bill Gates

Microsoft Co-Founder

I should’ve been here earlier, and I should come here more and more. You should not just read about Israel, you should come here, feel it, touch it.

Jack Ma

Alibaba Group Co-Founder

Israel is the leading, largest and most promising investment hub outside the United States

Warren Buffett

Investment Guru

We’re after the talent and the creativity of the Startup Nation. Israel is crucial to Intel. Intel cannot do without the geniuses here in Israel.

Maxine Fassberg

Intel Israel Former President

The decision to invest in Israel was one of the best that Google has ever made.

Eric Schmidt

Google Former CEO

In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.

David Ben Gurion

First Prime Minister of Israel

Having nothing was at once our greatest challenge and our greatest blessing of all. Without natural resources, our hopes were tied to our own creativity.

Shimon Peres

Israel Former Prime Minister

If you will it, it is no dream.

Theodor Herzl

Visionary of the State of Israel

The decision to move forward - despite the sheer improbability of success - was not an elective one; it was a matter of necessity.

Shimon Peres

Israel Former Prime Minister and President

Israel has managed to develop and grow against all odds. Israel developed in such a short time and it made everyone look at it in wonder.

Narendra Modi

India Prime Minister



Private R&D expenditure as %GDP



Most innovative country



Companies listed on NASDAQ



VC investments as %GDP



# of start-ups per capita


R&D centers of World’s largest MNCs


Country population



Barely bigger than New Jersey



Established in 1948


Scarce Natural Resources





Under constant threat

Why InnovNation?

Turn exponential change into an opportunity with Israeli innovation:

Be prepared for the next decade

Disruptive technologies

Discover how exponential technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Cyber, IofT, Autonomous Vehicles, BioMed, Robotics, AR/VR, 3d printing, CleanTech may impact daily life, society, your industry and future over the next decade. Take a glimpse at Israel’s next most disruptive startups and most promising technological breakthroughs.

Get behind the scenes access to

The Start-up Nation

Access Israel’s innovation and high-tech ecosystem and meet the innovators and experts behind groundbreaking start-ups, disruptive high-tech firms,   world’s largest multinational corporations R&D centers, best-performing VC funds and government agencies, top accelerators and innovation hubs, as well as cutting-edge research institutes.

Gain Insight and connect with

Top Israeli Innovators

Connect and gain insight on the latest innovation trends, tools, and best practices in the Israeli ecosystem from top notch founders and mentors, executives from leading high tech companies, savvy angel and VC investors, pioneering R&D staff, technology experts, and world-class industry and academic figures.

Discover promising investment &

Business opportunities

Get early access to promising new startups and technologies that might leverage your business or portfolio. Meet potential strategic partners and be the first to take advantage of emerging technologies and business opportunities that will disrupt your industry and market.

Boost your CV, skills, and network

Career & Education

Join like minded-peers from prestigious institutions across the globe in learning beyond the classroom from those at the forefront of Israeli Innovation. Receive a certificate from  the Israel's Innovation Authority, and Ministries of Economy and Foreign Affairs, in addition to the option to earn academic credits from HebrewU, a World’s Top 100 university.

Be inspired and make an impact

Social Innovation

See how Israeli Innovation and new technologies are being used to address some of the unprecedented global challenges faced by our generation. Spark your imagination and innovate to make a positive change in your community, country, or our world.

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Our summer and winter programs are organized in collaboration with:

Israel Innovation Authority

Ministry of Economy and Industry

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Rothberg International School

Israel Beyond the Headlines

Among the most popular international programs at HebrewU:

A world top university, co-founded by Albert Einstein, with 8 Nobel Laureates and +170 spin-off companies including Israel's biggest ever exit.
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